When you sign your Leasing Agreement with your landlord (UUHO) you are entering a legally binding contract. These rooms and apartments are rented from the landlord for a full semester or full academic year and students are expected to pay rent for the whole contracted period.

We strongly advice you to read your Leasing Agreement fully and make sure you are well informed of the contract details and understand the terms of condition. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Duration of Contract

The duration of the contract is usually from mid August/January to mid January/June depending on the lenght of your stay. The maximum time for housing is two (2) semesters for exchange students and four (4) semesters for fee-paying master students.


You are liable to pay rent for the whole period stated in your leasing agreement regardless of your actual arrival or departure date. If you wish to terminate your contract earlier than the original end date, you have to contact the Housing Office at least three (3) full calendar months in advance (valid for contracts starting in August 2017 or later). Your contract may only be terminated via the Uppsala University Housing Office, regardless of who your house owner is. The cancellation is to be made in writing by E-mail or by visiting the Housing Office in person.

For example: If you would like to cancel the period June 1st – 15th the last date for cancellation is February 28 and your contract will end on May 31st. After February 28 you will be liable to pay rent until June 15th, regardless of when you move out

If you contact us for example the 16th or 17th in a month, the three months’ notice period is counted for the following three calendar months. A calendar month is from the first to the last day of the month, hence your contract will always end on the last day of the month. The only exception to this rule is in June and January when the University semesters end.

Note that if you choose to terminate your agreement you do not have the right to extend it again to the original date if you change your mind.


If you are a formal exchange student and your exchange has been officially extended for another semester, we will receive this information from your coordinator at Uppsala University and your leasing agreement will be extended.

If you do not belong to the category above and wish to extend your leasing agreement, send the request by E-mail to info@housingoffice.se specifying which date you want to extend to. This extension is only possible if your room is vacant during the requested period and is not guaranteed. It is usually possible to extend a leasing agreement over the summer, until july 31st at the latest, for agreements signed for the spring semester.

We have a twelve months’ rent which means that if you extend your stay over the summer months, you will pay the same monthly rent as during the semesters.

Other Terms

General repairs and maintenance may need to be carried out during the time you are staying in your room. You should be informed in English of any such work in advance by your landlord.

You are expected to take good care of both your room and any equipment or furnishings that come with your room and any common areas. For more information see your leasing agreement and under the section Regulations.


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