Uppsala University Housing Office

Who we are

Uppsala University has an increasing number of visiting guests, who are staying for shorter and longer periods of time. Accommodation in Uppsala is usually not easy to find and the waiting time to secure a contract on the rental market can be long. For this reason the University has contracted a housing service to facilitate for international mobility at the University. This housing service is provided by Uppsala University Housing Office.

Our vision is to provide safe and affordable accommodation that promotes studies and research and contributes to social and environmental sustainability.

We are separated from the University and have our office in central Uppsala. We also have staff in Visby on Gotland.
Uppsala University Housing Office is administrated by Akademihotellet AB with company registration no: 55 66 91-6218.

What we do

We offer visiting international researchers, exchange students and fee paying master and bachelor students apartments and rooms from various house owners in Uppsala and in Visby. This is a non-profit assignment and our aim is to offer affordable, furnished and equipped housing in various locations that will suit as many as possible.

Who is elegible to get housing from us?

The Housing Office provides housing for two main categories:

  • International Students
  • International Guest researchers

These two main target groups have different requirements regarding length of stay, facilites, size of accommodation and so on and therefore we have different processes for these two groups.

For exchange- and fee paying students

For Guest researchers and international PhDs

Contact us

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have! Give us a call, send us an e-mail or come by our reception.