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Information about cookies

At Uppsala University Housing Office which is part of Akademihotellet AB we store data in order to provide a better experience of our website. We do this by using so called “cookies”. A cookie is a text-based data file that is stored on the computer of a visitor by the web server. It provides information about how the user uses the web site.

There are different types of cookies and we use two of them. A permanent cookie is a cookie that is stored on your computer for an extended period of time. You can delete it manually, directly in your browser, and it can also be deleted by the server if it has been a long time since your last visit on our website. A permanent cookie is updated from time to time and is able to keep track of recurring visits from you. For example, if you update your type of interests in a profile, the permanent cookie will be updated and the website therefore remembers your new interests the next time you visit the site. A session cookie is only stored temporarily on your computer and remains only for the duration of your visit on the site.