Uppsala University Housing Office

Von Kraemers Allé 29

The building on von Kraemers allé 29 was constructed in 2013/2014 and is located very close to Akademiska Sjukhuset, Uppsala castle and the Botanical garden. It is a modern building in a qu...

Villavägen 9B

The building at Villavägen 9B was constructed in 2017, and has a modern design. It is located in a good location within the campus, near Blåsenhus and the Evolutionary Biology Centre (EBC)...

Villavägen 1D/E

We have two buildings at Villavägen 1 - an old building built in the 1880s, and a newer one built in the 1960s. We also have two parking spots in front of the buildings that can be rented.

Frey Svenssons väg 1A

The apartments at Frey Svenssons väg are in a an old building in the Ulleråker district in southern Uppsala. The surroundings are quiet and park-like, not far from the Ångström lab and M...


In the area of Kvarngärdet we have a total of 13 apartments situated in different streets. The streets are small in a quiet area with two-story buildings, and the surroundings are suitable ...

Ulleråkersvägen 74

Salixvägen 3-7

Salixvägen in Lilla Sunnersta is located outside the city center, with nature just around the corner. There are lots of green areas, and it's a great walk/cycle path and bus connection to e...

S:t Johannesgatan 24-26

This building is near both Ekonomikum and English Park, and the city center is a 10 minute walk away. It's located in an old part of Uppsala with beautiful houses and cobbled streets, with l...

Norbyvägen 20

The building on Norbyvägen 20 was converted into apartments in 2013/2014, and has now 46 apartments with a modern design. This building is also called Lagerkransen, and is located within ca...

Sernanders väg 4

Sernanders väg is the central street in a large buzzing student residential area called Flogsta. Flogsta is situated 3km west of the city center, surrounded by nature areas and has a superm...

Klostergatan 16

Klostergatan 16 is very centrally located – only a few minutes from the city center. The building was a hotel up until 2015 and was then converted into student accommodation. This location...

S:t Olofsgatan 2B

Edlingska gĂĄrden is an old wooden house in central Uppsala located on S:t Olofsgatan. It has a nice backyard and is situated in a picturesque part of the town. There is quite heavy traffic ...

Skolgatan 7B

The apartment at Skolgatan is located in the city center, with supermarket and green areas nearby. It's an old beautiful building with high ceilings and lots of daylight in the apartment.

V. Järnvägsgatan 11A

Dag Hammarskjölds väg 29A

Dag Hammarskjölds väg 29A was built in 2016, and has a modern design. It is located near Rudbeck laboratory, BMC and Uppsala University Hospital but also parks and other green areas.

Artillerigatan 10A

Artillerigatan is a small street very near the University Hospital. The surroundings are quiet and many of the University departments are nearby.

Applying for guest researcher accommodation

Construction work at Klostergatan 16

Uppsala Akademiförvaltning is building a completely new cinema in the city center of Uppsala, right next door to our accommodation on Klostergatan 16.


In addition to the new cinema, restaurants and other services are also planned in the neighborhood and the existing garage with about 300 parking lots will be renovated as well.

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Dare to Care

Domestic violence is a classified global health problem. And it’s most common between the age of 16 to 30 years old. Therefore, we find it particulary important to work against it happening here.

Together, with small actions, we can prevent the violence. Research shows that those being exposed to domestic violence are more likely to seek help when it’s close by. For example when they know that neighbours can come to the rescue.

We have introduced a simple guidline to help our tenants act and react in situations where a neighbour might need their help.

Am I eligible to apply for guest researcher accommodation?

Our guest researcher accommodations are reserved exclusively to international guest researchers, staff, PhD’s or other persons with similar assignments at Uppsala University. Unfortunately the demand for housing is very high and therefore there is no guarantee that we will be able to offer accommodation to all.

Master thesis writers, interns or researchers at SLU are not eligible to apply for guest researcher accommodation through our office but are all welcome to request a student accommodation vacancy contract.

How do I apply?

You apply by registering an account on My Pages and then filling in an application.

For how long can I stay?

Maximum contract period is 2 years in our guest researcher apartments.

If you have stayed with us several times or switched apartments, it is the total occupation time that counts.