We manage housing for Formal Exchange Students and Fee-Paying Master Students. Most of these are rooms in student corridors (mixed gender). The corridors are situated in different student areas in Uppsala and owned by other housing companies.

All rooms have basic furniture. Electricity, heating and water are included in the rent. Internet connection is provided.

Click on the different residential areas below to find out more about the accommodation. You can also read interviews with our tenants here.

Residential Areas


  • Ekebyvägen


    Ekebyvägen is situated 2 km south west of the city center. Nearby are green areas and a fitness centre. About the Room On Ekebyvägen 13 we rent out 24 student rooms in two corridors built in 2002. Each room is 25 square meters […]

  • Eklundshovsvägen


    Eklundshovsvägen is situated 2 km from the city centre. Nearby is the also the Fyris river and the City park. You can walk along the river to the city centre in 15 minutes.The buildings on Eklundshovsvägen 4 were built in […]

  • Flogsta/Sernanders väg

    Flogsta/Sernanders väg

    Sernanders väg is a large student residential area in Flogsta which is situated 3 km west of the city center. Flogsta is also close to nature areas. The large apartment buildings were built during the late 1960s and renovated in the 1990s. About […]

  • Kantorsgatan


    Kantorsgatan is part of a large student area situated 2 kilometers for the city center. The houses in Kantorsgatan were built in 1968 and renovated in 2002 additionally a few of the houses are renovated into modern apartments 2017-2022. Around […]

  • Klostergatan 16

    Klostergatan 16

    Klostergatan 16 is very centrally located – only a few minutes from the city center. This building was a hotel up until 2015 and was then converted into student living. This location offers some unique social areas on the ground […]

  • Salixvägen


    Salixvägen is situated in Lilla Sunnersta about 6 km south of the city center close to the lake Mälaren. About the Room On Salixvägen in Lilla Sunnersta we have 44 small studio apartments built in 2005. Each apartment is 25 […]

  • Rackarbergsgatan


    Rackarbergsgatan is a large student residential area close to all the Student nations and is situated about 1.5 km west of the city center. The housing area Rackarberget was built in 1965. NOTE: The house owner, Uppsalahem, is planning construction work at Rackarbergsgatan. There may be […]

  • V-Dala Nation

    Västmanlands-Dala Nation, also called V-Dala Nation, is a student society. Via V-Dala student nation Uppsala University Housing Office has nine rooms, located in different parts of Uppsala. Because of the small number of rooms, the chance of getting a room […]

  • Snerikes Nation

    Södermanland-Nerikes Nation, also called Snerikes nation, is a student society. Via Snerikes student nation Uppsala University Housing Office has seven rooms, located in different parts of Uppsala, reserved only for fee paying Master students. Because of the small number of rooms, the […]

  • Campus Gotland

    Campus Gotland

    Uppsala University also has a campus in Visby, on the Island of Gotland, which is located approximately 250 km south-southeast of Uppsala. UUHO offers a limited number of rooms in Visby for students at Campus Gotland. Fee-paying Master- and Bachelor-students […]