Uppsala University Housing Office

About the rooms


6390 - 7234SEK/month

Number of rooms:


Room size:

Approx. 24 square meters

Type of rooms:

Studio rooms


2500 SEK to be paid before arrival




Note! Pictures are examples, variations may occur.


There is ongoing constructions work in the area and the facade of the building is currently beeing renovated. This work is scheduled to be concluded by the autumn of 2024.

Monthly rent includes

The monthly rent includes:

  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Heating
  • Internet

Facilities in the rooms

Each room has their own kitchenette where light cooking is allowed. On the ground floor you find a large common kitchen, where you do most of your cooking.

Private WC and shower in each room.

Storage closet in each room.

Social area:
You find a common living room on the ground floor.

Internet access

Internet is provided by an external supplier. Wifi is not provided in the rooms, internet access is provided by connecting a network cable to the wall outlet. Network cable is not included.


List of furniture included:

  • Bed (90×200 cm, including pillow and quilt)
  • Table or desk
  • Chair
  • Desk lamp
  • Small cupboard or bookshelf
  • Curtains
  • Ceiling lamp

Note! bed linen are not included.

Facilities in the area

Laundry room:
Is situated on the ground floor.

Garbage room:
Recycling facility is found by the entrance to the underground parking garage on S:t Olofsgatan 21.

Bicycle storage:
You find the bike storage on floor -1, in the parking garage under the building.

Is available for all tenants on the ground floor.

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