Uppsala University Housing Office


How do I pay my rent?

1. Each month you will receive an e-mail from Uppsala University Housing Office saying you have a new invoice.

2. Log in to your account on My pages. Under “Invoices” you will find all your invoices. To pay, click on “Pay Now” and you will be redirected to our secured payment solution where you fill in your card information and make your payment.

3. The money will be withdrawn from your account and transferred to our account.


NOTE: We only accept VISA and MasterCard payments, so please make sure that you have a VISA or MasterCard before you arrive in Uppsala.
If you cannot pay your invoice via credit card online or bank transfer – we accept card payments in our reception at Kungsgatan 27.

Transfer from Swedish bank account
We recommend that you contact a bank to apply for a Swedish internet bank account. In order to open a bank account some banks may require you to have a civil registration number (personnummer). Bring your passport and your letter of admission to Uppsala University to the bank when applying.

International Transfer
If you prefer to use your bank account from home you can make an international transfer. Conditions for transferring money from foreign banks vary, so you should inquire about this at your bank to avoid unnecessary extra costs.

Payment details
Always add your invoice number when making a payment, so we can identify your payment.
Bankgiro: 5760-4357
Receiver of payment:
Akademihotellet AB
Uppsala University Housing Office
Övre Slottsgatan 5
SE-75310 UPPSALA, Sweden
VAT number: SE556691621801
Bank: Handelsbanken
Bank Address: SE-106 70 Stockholm, Sweden
IBAN:SE20 6000 0000 0000 4972 3448

When do I receive my invoice?

Rents in Sweden are paid on a monthly basis and in advance. For example: The September rent must be paid at the end of August (always check the Due date on your invoice). It is not possible to pay rent per day.

Rental invoices are usually sent to your account on My Pages about two weeks before the due date of the invoice.

Where can I find my invoice?

You can find all your invoices on your account on My Pages.

What period do I have to pay rent for?

You are liable to pay rent for the whole rental period stated in your contract regardless of your actual arrival or departure date. For example: if your contract starts on August 1st but you are delayed and do not arrive in Sweden until September 3rd, you must still pay rent for the month of August.

If you cancel your contract, rent must be paid for the notice period.

There is a twelve-month yearly rent, and there are no rent-free months.

Can I find my receipt on My Pages?

Yes, you can find your receipts under “invoices”.

Why can’t I see that my invoice is paid on My Pages?

You can see your online payments immediately. If you have paid by bank transfer it usually takes a few days before it is updated on My Pages.

Can I pay with cash?

Cash payments in Sweden are disappearing. We advise you to plan your stay ahead and bring a debit/credit card with you. For some time now, we have been completely cashless and have no possibility of accepting cash payments for your invoices.

I can’t pay my invoice, why?

If you are experiencing problems with your payment, or your payment gets declined, it may be due to one of the following reasons:

  • The web browser you are using is not approved.
  • The card you are using is not a VISA or Mastercard – Try another card or visit our reception during our opening hours.
  • There are insufficient funds in the account.
  • The card you are using has expired.
  • The card is not open for purchases online or abroad.
  • The payment amount exceeds the approved limit for purchases.

If you are experiencing any of the four last difficulties above, please contact your bank.

What happens if I don’t pay on time?

You will receive invoice reminders when you have unpaid rents, and a late fee will be charged.

All debts and unpaid rents will be reported to your department and coordinator. Your home University will also be contacted by Uppsala University. If the debt remains – legal measures will be taken.

Is there a deposit to be paid?

Yes, you must pay a deposit of SEK 2500 for the room/apartment.

An invoice will be added to your account on My Pages before the start of your contract, typically around 2-4 weeks before the rental start date.

When/how is my deposit refunded?

If the cleaning inspection is approved after you have moved out of the room/apartment, the deposit will be refunded to the credit-/debit card which has been used to pay for the latest rental invoices. If your rental invoices has been paid by other methods, for example by bank transfer, you need to send us the account information for the bank account that you wish us to repay the deposit to.

You can expect your deposit to be returned to your account approximately 2-6 weeks after the rental end date of your contract.

If the inspection is not approved, the landlord, or contractor appointed by the landlord, will carry out any necessary work that needs to be done to restore the room and the costs for this will be charged from the deposit. Likewise, all other claims and unpaid invoices remaining at the end of the contract will be deducted from the deposit. If the deposit is not enough to cover all costs, the remaining amount will be invoiced to you.


How do I apply?

If you are are student included in our main assignment from the university, you will receive information from your department at Uppsala University with more instructions about the application for housing. You will also receive a registration code from us by e-mail just before the application period opens. This code gives you access to our regular application period for housing.

When can I apply?

Application period is open May 15th to 31st for the fall semester and November 15th to 30th for the spring semester.

Am I eligible to apply for housing?

Our assignment is to provide accommodation to Formal exchange students, Fee paying program students and some groups of scholarship holders.

Please contact your department at Uppsala University or click the button below for more information.

How can I make changes to my application?

Send us an email with the changes that you would like to make in your application. Send your e-mail to info@housingoffice.se.

Can I ask for a specific housing area?

If you are applying for accommodation in Uppsala, you can fill in your three preferred residential areas directly in your application. Please note that we do not guarantee an offer in one of the areas you have chosen but if possible, we will meet your request.

If you are applying for accommodation in Visby you can unfortunately not fill in your preferences in the application.

If there are special circumstances we need to take into consideration when allocating an accommodation, please send an e-mail to info@housingoffice.se after completing your housing application, describing your requirements.

How many housing offers can I receive?

We generally only send one housing offer per applicant. If you choose to decline the offer you are not guaranteed any more housing offers through our office.

I need accommodation for a period that is not optional in the application…

UUHO only offers full-term contracts with fixed start- and end dates. However, should you have academic reasons for a different contracted period, UUHO will try to meet your request. Contracts can only be set for full calendar months, except in August, January and June when the University semesters start and end.

For example a requested stay from September 18th – November 7th will mean that you get a contract and pay rent for three full months, September 1st – November 30th, if UUHO is able to offer you a such a contract.

Note: We prioritize applications for full semesters over shorter stays.

Are pets allowed in the accommodations?

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed in any of our accommodations.

I’m coming to Sweden with my partner or family, can you help me with housing?

Unfortunately we have very limited posibilities to arrange accommodation for students traveling with a partner or family. Most of our rooms are strictly for single tenancy and we cannot allow more than one person to stay in these rooms.

If you are planing to bring your partner or family, please send an e-mail to inform us and we will see if there is any suitable accommodation available. However, we recommend you to also search for housing elsewhere. A good start is to check out studentboet, where you can find private adds as well as guides and tips on how to find accommodation in Uppsala. You can also consider traveling to Sweden alone and bring your family at a later date when you have managed to find suitable accommodation.

Can I share the apartment with a friend?

We do not have any shared rooms. All tenants rent a private room or apartment. Corridor rooms share facilities such as kitchen, common room and/or bathrooms between the tenants of the corridor.

We have “miniature corridors” in some residential areas, where only two tenants share facilities. We prioritize to place applicants who have requested to stay together in these. If you want to stay in the same corridor as a friend you can e-mail us the request. However, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to place you together.

What is a corridor room?

A “student corridor” is a traditional Swedish student accommodation form. In a student corridor you have your own private bedroom but share kitchen and sometimes other facilities with 3-12 other tenants.

The word “student corridor” derives from the fact that the bedrooms typically lie along a corridor with the shared facilities either in the middle or at the ends of the corridor.

For how long can I stay?

Students included in our main assignment will typically be offered a contract that covers their study period.

I have not received my registration code, why?

We are sending out the codes continuously after we have received information from your department, but typically you can expect to receive it during May-June or November-December. Remember to keep an eye on your spam folder during this period, in case the e-mail with the registration code ends up there.

If you are not included in our assignment, you will not receive a registration code.

I have tried to register on My Pages, but it says that I already have an account. Why?

Most likely you have an old account registered on My Pages. Please send an email to info@housingoffice.se and we will help you to deactivate the old account.

When will I receive a housing offer?

We are sending out housing offers continuously after the application period closes until there are no more applicants or no more rooms available.

Before arrival

What needs to be done prior to my arrival?

  • You need a valid passport/ID to be able to collect your keys
  • We recommend that you get a home insurance
  • Read your arrival information on My Pages.

What do I do if my Residence permit is delayed?

Contact Housing Office as soon as possible via email and we will do our best to help you avoid unnecessary costs affiliated with your contracted accommodation.

Do I need a home insurance?

The tenant will be liable to cover costs for damages in the accommodation caused by neglect or on purpose. It is important to have an adequate home insurance as damages and repairs can amount to considerable costs.

It is the tenant’s responsibility to have adequate Insurance and it is advisable to check your insurances before travelling to Sweden and make sure that you are protected.

All formal exchange students and fee-paying master students studying at Uppsala University are covered by an insurance through Kammarkollegiet (the Legal, Financial and Administrative Service Agency) called StudentIN. Check with your coordinator at Uppsala University or Kammarkollegiet if you are included in this insurance and what it covers.

If you do not have any other Insurance, the Student Union (Övre Slottsgatan 7) may assist you in arranging insurance for a reasonable price.

Where do I collect my keys?

Information about where to collect your keys is written in your arrival information available on My Pages.

Is the apartment furnished?

Yes, all our apartments are furnished.

Can I bring my own furniture?

Yes, as long as they are removed from the apartment when you move out.

Will I have a separate storage unit?

Most of our student accommodations does not include a separate storage unit. Check your housing guide for detailed information for your residential area.

Do you offer parking?

We do not offer any parking in any of our student residential areas.

Can I cancel my accommodation before the contract starts?

Yes, cancellations more than one month before the contract starts can be made without any cost. Cancellations less than one month before the contract starts are charged one months’ rent.

Can someone else collect my keys?

Yes, fill out the power of attorney found on My Pages and follow the instructions in your arrival information.

Can I send lugage or packages to Sweden in advance?

You cannot send anything to your rented apartment before the rental start date of your contract. We recommend you to arrange any sent lugage to arrive after you have moved into the rented room to avoid problems with delivery.

It is not possible to send any packages to the UUHO reception. We cannot receive packages on your behalf.

During my stay

Can I change apartment during my stay?

Generally, we do not allow room changes during your stay. In some special circumstances a room change may be necessary.

How do I report a problem in my accommodation?

How to make a fault report depends on the residential area you are staying at and what the problem is. Check your housing guide or under section ‘My Housing’ on My Pages for detailed information.

My Internet Doesn’t work, what should I do?

Check My Pages for a guide to troubleshooting your internet connection. If you cannot get the connection working, you need to contact the internet suppliers technical support.

I lost my key, what do I do?

It is very important to report any lost keys as soon as possible to the right office. Check the information in your housing guide (available on My Pages) for specific information for your residential area on where to report your lost key.

Where do I find more information about my accommodation?

We have information about our accommodation here on our website, on your account on My Pages and in our housing guide. If you have more questions, you are welcome to send us an e-mail.

Why do I need to sort my waste?

In Sweden all households are obligated to sort their waste properly. This is an important part of the environmental policy in Sweden.

Can I end my contract earlier?

As is written in your contract, you can terminate your contract early but there is a notice period to take into account. In our student accommodation the notice period is three full calendar months.

For example, If you would like to terminate the contract by April 30th you have to inform us on January 31st at the very latest. If you send us the termination request from February 1st or later, you will also be liable to pay rent for the month of May. Send your request for termination to info@housingoffice.se.

Can I extend my contract?

UUHO does not guarantee any extensions of contract. However, if you are in need of an extension, send us a request by e-mail as soon as possible.

Moving out

Where do I return my keys?

The UUHO reception does not handle keys to all of our residential areas. Please check the information on My Pages for updated information on where the keys for your residential area should be returned.

When should I return my keys?

Your keys have to be returned by 11:00 on the last day of your contract. Not returning your keys in time may result in extra costs for the tenant.

Should I clean the apartment before I leave?

Your rented apartment must be thoroughly cleaned before returning it at the end of your contract.

If you are renting a room with shared facilities, you must also make sure that your part of the shared areas, such as your cupboard in the kitchen, your shelves in the fridge and freezer etc., is thoroughly cleaned.

Can I stay one extra night?

No, we cannot allow you to stay in the rented apartment after 11 am on the last day of your contract.

Contact us

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have! Give us a call, send us an e-mail or come by our reception.