All our student rooms have access to internet and the fee is paid with the rent. Wifi is not provided and you need to bring/buy your own net cable to have access through the wall socket. Make sure you connect to the correct wall socket to access the internet provided by UUHO, there might be another connection in the area which is not included in the rent.

To log on to the University portals you need a student account at Uppsala University. You receive your user identity from the University upon registration, and the Uppsala University Housing Office has no possibility to generate or give you any account information.

Uppsala University student network:

Telephone: +46-(0)18-471 22 22, Mon-Fri 14.00-21.00 and Sat-Sun 14.00-17.30



Technical Support

Internet is provided through agreements with external suppliers and all questions and fault reports concerning the internet connection should be directed to the supplier. For contact information see “Maintenance and service“.


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