University Housing Office has an insurance for all rooms and apartments regarding fire, break in or other damage. The tenant’s personal belongings are not insured by us and health care is not included.

For damages caused by neglect or on purpose, you as the tenant may be liable to cover the costs of the repair.

All formal exchange students and master students studying at a Uppsala University, regardless of nationality, are also covered by an insurance through the Swedish Judicial Board (Kammarkollegiet). Check with your coordinator at Uppsala University or Kammarkollegiet if you are included in this insurance and what it covers.

It is advisable to check your insurances before travelling to Sweden and make sure that you are protected by a householder’s comprehensive insurance, wheather it is through Kammarkollegiet or through an Insurance Company in your home country.

If you do not have any other Insurances, the Student Union (Övre Slottsgatan 7) may assist you in this matter and the cost is approximately SEK 300 per semester (half a year).


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