Upon departure, please clean your room with help from the check list below and return your keys to the correct office. Read more about departure under this page.

Unpaid Rents

Unpaid rents and other debts will be reported to your contact person at the department, who also may contact your home university if needed. If the debt remains legal measures will be taken. Make sure that all your rents are paid before you leave.

Return Keys

You must empty your room and return the keys before 12 o´clock (noon) on the last day of your contract at the very latest. Consult your housing guide for correct information on where to return your keys. Please note that you are personally responsible for your keys to be returned in time and to the correct place and failure to do so will result in additional costs.

Cleaning and Inspection

Before leaving we expect you to make sure that your room is clean. See the check list below. We trust our tenants to take responsibility and do all the cleaning that is necessary. To book an inspection (in accommodation areas where this is offered by the house owner), please contact your landlord or house owner well in advance, otherwise the inspection is done after your departure. There may also be specific information concerning your accommodation area in the housing guide. Please note that the inspector will check that you have cleared the Drains in your bathroom/kitchen so make sure you do not forget to Clean them inside and out.

Check List for Cleaning Before Checking Out

Click on the underlined links below to watch videos explaining how to clean parts of your bathroom and kitchen.

Bathroom and WC 

  • Toilet and basin, don’t forget to clean underneath.
  • Polish the taps. Use “Citek” or some other acid chemical to easily remove calcium. Never use green scotch-brite.
  • Bathroom cupboard and electric fittings.
  • Shower curtain cleaned in washing machine.
  • Drain (floor) cleaned outside and inside (remove balls of hair).
  • Floor cleaned with water
  • Remove stickers and loose details (if there are any).

Kitchen (your own or your part of common kitchen)

  • Stove (don’t forget behind it), inside oven and equipment belonging to it. Use spray “Ugns- och grillrengöring” or similar. Never use green Scotch-Brite or such.
  • Floor cleaned with water.
  • Sink and open Surfaces cleaned.
  • Cupboards, fridge/freezer and doors cleaned, also on the top and inside.
  • Please remove all your belongings.


  • Wipe off casings around the floors, windows and doors.
  • Power outlets, radiators cleaned.
  • Floors thoroughly cleaned with water (except on wooden floors) and rug or similar.
  • Tiles cleaned and if there are decorations – remove them.
  • Closets thoroughly cleaned and emptied.
  • Storage rooms (if you have any) must be empty and clean.
  • Windows (and curtains if needed) cleaned. All four sides.

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