Klostergatan 16 is very centrally located – only a few minutes from the city center. This location offers some unique social areas on the ground floor for our tenants, including a large sitting room, a common kitchen, gym, laundry facilities and a café.

We have 32 researcher apartments in this building. Most of the rooms are about 23 square meters and all include private bathroom and kitchenette (with fridge, microwave and basic kitchen equipment). The kitchenette is only for heating and not for heavy cooking or frying. The common kitchen on the ground floor is fully equipped and cooking stations can be booked by all tenants. The concept is dependant on communal responsibility and all tenants are expected to clean up after themselves after using the common facilities.

These apartments were painted and furnished on 2017.


IMPORTANT: The house owner, Uppsala Akademiförvaltning, is currently doing construction work at Dragarbrunnsgatan. There may be some disturbances in the area due to this work.


Monthly rent for 1 room apartments (23sqm) is from SEK 6 602 furnished for 1 person.
Monthly rent for apartments furnished for 2 persons between SEK 7 900 – 8 442.
Monthly rent for the family apartment – 3 room apartment is SEK 14 300 furnished for 4 persons.
Furnishings, heating, electricity and broadband is included in the rent

NOTE: Pictures of the rooms are examples, variations may occur.


More information

Your landlord is Uppsala University Housing Office and the house owner is Uppsala Akademiförvaltning

Reporting problems
Please check here whom to contact if you have any problems in your apartments:

Reporting problems

You need a TP-cable to connect your computer to the internet, wifi is not provided. The location of the socket differs in all apartments, you will find it about 30 cm from the floor.

Car parking
UUHO has no parking spaces at this location. However there is a parking garage under the building. For more information contact www.aimo.se .

Bicycle room
There is a bicycle room for storage of bikes in the parking garage.

The garbage room is outside the building at Klostergatan 14. You go in with your tag. The garbage in Sweden is sorted in different categories.

Common kitchen 
You book the common kitchen with your tag in the booking board behing the kitchen. After using the common kitchen, please take care of all your belongings and make sure that you leave it clean and tidy.

The common laundry is on the ground floor next to the common kitchen. You book it with your tag.

Fire alarm
All apartments are protected with an automatic fire alarm. Since detectors are placed in the ceilings in all apartments, you must be careful when using the cooking plates or micro in your kitchenette. Activating the fire alarm can generate extra costs to the tenant. It is not allowed to take down the smoke detector.

The tenant is responsible for having an appropriate home insurance.


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