Uppsala University Housing Office

From where do we receive your personal data

The data we process about you is data that you have provided to us in the housing application form or in other communications with us. By providing us with data about contact persons, you give us your consent to collect necessary data about you from them. We may also collect data from agencies and other bodies, for example, information about your conduct regarding previous flats and rent payments, as well as certificates from the university. If electronic key systems are used, personal data may also be collected from booking and access logs.

When you visit our website, we may collect and process information on how the website is used in order to improve our website, for example by the use of cookies.

Who can access your personal data

We may forward necessary personal data to Uppsala University if needed for administrating your accommodation.

We may also forward the information to house owners and others in order to prepare your accommodation and to be able to provide our services when the processing is necessary for our justified interest in developing and improving our business and service. This may, for example, apply to a contractor who will repair something in your apartment or room, provide broadband or companies that conduct customer surveys on our behalf.

We may also use the services of personal data processors when it is necessary to be able to fulfil our commitments to you. One example is companies that manages our IT systems. More examples are given under the section ‚ÄúDuring the tenancy‚ÄĚ below. We may also forward personal data when required by law or a decision made by the authorities. If the data are transferred to a country outside the EU, we will ensure that such a transfer is legal.

When you join our housing queue

During the waiting time, we will gather and process your personal data in our customer database. This is necessary in order to administer your request to enter a rental agreement. Some examples of such data are your name, personal identity number or passport number if applicable, date of birth, address, mobile phone number, email address and certificates from the university. The data will be retained for as long as you are in our queue. If you no longer wish to be in the queue, you can request that we remove and delete your personal data.

When you are offered accommodation

Before you are offered accommodation through us, we may need to process more data about you, for example, a credit report. However, after you have been offered accommodation, we will remove any data about you that are no longer relevant. If you are denied accommodation because we are unable to accept you as a tenant, we will save your personal data for three months after the decision dismissing your application.

During the tenancy

If you have an ongoing tenancy agreement with us, we will process your personal data in order to carry out and administer our obligations as a landlord under the agreement. For example, we will process your personal data when we send out rent invoices, handle your payments and send you important information.
We will also process your personal data when it is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation. That may be necessary, for example, in the event of disturbances in the flat, delayed or unpaid rent, or damage to the flat. We may then need to disclose your personal data to the Social Welfare Board or other relevant authorities. Another example of a legal obligation is compliance with the Accounting Act regulations on archiving.

We will only save your personal data for as long as they are relevant. If a note concerning a disturbance has not caused us to take any action to terminate the tenancy prematurely, the note will be saved for maximum two years.

Special information regarding electronic keys when applicable
Data from electronic key systems are used to open doors, book laundry times and similar purposes and they may be processed after different interests are considered. When electronic keys are used, we follow the industry’s practices which means, for instance, that we do not register access logs to the entrance door of a flat. Access logs for common entrances are saved for maximum two weeks and booking logs, for example for booking a laundry, may be saved for 31 days. In the case of events that give rise to costs, we may save the data until we have received payment.

When the tenancy has ended

After you have moved out of your flat and we no longer have any remaining claim against you, we will sort out and remove your personal data. We will save certain data, such as your contact information or any decision from the Social Welfare Board, for two years after the end of the tenancy. We will save data about you that are in our accounting records, such as rent payments and rental agreements, for seven years after the end of the current year in accordance with the Accounting Act.

Data storage times for guest researchers
Because Uppsala University allows guest researchers a total accommodation time of two years and the tenancy time may be interupted inbetween we may save your data for more than two years after your last tenancy period ended, but never longer than a maximum of three years.