Uppsala Akademiförvaltning has started the construction of a completely new cinema in the city center of Uppsala. After many years of planning, a modern, cohesive new Filmstaden is now being constructed in the corner of Klostergatan / Dragarbrunnsgatan.

In addition to the new cinema, restaurants and other services are also planned in the neighborhood and the existing garage with about 300 parking lots will also be renovated.

The first part of the project, consist of demolishing the current building to enable the construction of a new building.


The Estimated time for the opening of the cinema is spring / summer 2024.


Information to tenants

To enable the construction of the new cinema, the current building around Klostergatan 10 and some parts of the courtyard have to be demolished. This will be performed in a very professional and safe manner.

For this reason the courtyard will be closed from July 12 and fences will be set up around the construction site. Fences will also be set up around the courtyard, towards parts of Dragarbrunnsgatan, Klostergatan and S:t Olofsgatan. For your and others’ safety you are not allowed to enter areas which are blocked by fences.

They work weekdays from 7am to 7pm. Demolishing and construction work will be performed between 8am to 6pm and noise and disturbances will be minimized as much as possible.

We will keep you updated along the way.

Information from the construction team about upcoming/ongoing projects
(updated 2022-05-11):

  • The gym will be closed between May 13th to May 25th.
  • Between May 13th to May 25th the corridor from common kitchen and laundry room to the mail boxes will be closed between 7am to 4pm. You will be able to pick up your mail outside these hours. 
    We recommend you to book kitchen or laundry station outside these hours to. However, if you have a laundry station booked and you need to activate your slot, you might have to wait until an officer lets you through. If you have a kitchen station booked, you can enter the kitchen from the common living room and then open the door and use your tag to activate your station. 
  • From March 21st 2022 the entrance on Dragarbrunnsgatan 18 will be closed and can only be used as an emergency exit. 
  • All week-days there will be normal demolition going on, high level of noises may occur.

Preliminary schedule for the spring semester 2022:
(Note; this is only preliminary dates, this might change. Updated on 2022-05-11)
Work described below will most likely cause noise´s in different levels and different times of the day.

  • Pilework from street level (outside) – This will be going on approximately between beginning of March to end of May.
  • Establishment of a tower crane (outside) – This will be going on from middle of May until middle of June.
  • Montage of the foundation – This work will start in the beginning of June and go on until November at the earliest. 
  • Garage will be closed until November at the earliest. 
  • Waterdrilling in the garage with a compressor at street level – This will start January 31st and go on until approximately to the end of April.
  • Demolition with a machine called “Brokk” – This work will start in middle of May and go on until middle of June.
  • Montage of pillars with a mobile crane (outside) – This will be going on approximately for the whole month of June.

Frequently asked questions about the project:

I have noticed cracks on the walls in my room. What shall I do and can it be dangerous?

We have received information and photos of cracks from some of you. This type of information is immediately forwarded to the site’s project organisation. A design engineer hired by the site takes part in the assessment and monitoring of cracks that appear and all reported cracks have been deemed safe. Necessary repairs of cracks will be made, but it is not planned exactly when yet. Please report new cracks to info@housingoffice.se.




We sincerely thank you for your cooperation and understanding!


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