We offer accommodation to Formal Exchange Students at Uppsala University.  Students can only apply for housing through their receiving department at Uppsala University or the International Office. Formal Exchange Students will be allocated a student room or a studio, subject to the deadline for the submission of application and subject to the allocation of housing to your department. All formal exchange students are not guaranteed housing, and those who are will only get guaranteed housing for a maximum of two semesters. We can only give a maximum of one offer per student.

Find information about accommodation areas offered to exchange students under Accommodation.

How to Apply

You will receive an e-mail from housing office at the latest November 15th / May 15th with a registration code. You can register at My Pages in advance but the application period is open between November 15th to 30th (Spring semester) / May 15th to 31st (Fall semester).

You will be receiving the document “How to apply on My Pages” from your department at Uppsala University. There you will find the necessary steps to register and apply for housing. If you have not received it, please contact us.

Who is a Formal Exchange Student?

A Formal Exchange Student is a student who is here via one of the University’s formal exchange agreements (for example Erasmus, Nordplus or Linneaus-Palme). A formal agreement may be either a “bilateral” agreement between two departments or a “general” agreement between two entire universities. It is not a formal exchange if you have organized your studies by communicating directly with a professor at a department. Not sure? Check with your coordinator at home or with your coordinator at Uppsala University.

“Free movers” are those international students who choose to travel on their own initiative. In practice it means almost all international students who are not exchange students. Even those of you involved in programs, such as a master program are in fact free movers.

Those of you undertaking an internship at Uppsala University are not classified as students. You must therefore secure your own housing.

Other Housing in Uppsala

For those students who aren’t eligible to apply for accommodation at Uppsala University Housing Office we recommend visiting Studentboet for more information about other housing options in Uppsala. The website is administered by the Student Union and contains information regarding various housing companies in the Uppsala region. There is also an advertisement part, where private citizens are renting out rooms and apartments. Students can also advertise for rooms or apartments to sublet.

The housing market in Uppsala is highly regulated. Many housing companies require you to register with them and they allocate apartments on the basis of how long you have been waiting – that is, how many “queue days” (swe: ködagar) you have. You should not underestimate how much time and effort it will take you to secure housing. During the beginning of the semester it can even be difficult to find a hostel room.

Your first step should always be to contact your department. Some departments have their own contacts or even their own rooms that they can assist with. You should however note that many departments do not have any experience with housing questions and you should not rely on them to provide you with housing.

Other Housing in Gotland

Gotlands Studentbostad is the Student Union Rindis accommodation agency for students at Uppsala University Campus Gotland.
On their webpage www.gotlandsstudentbostad.se you can find your future housing on Gotland.

Students attending Uppsala University Campus Gotland can search for vacant accommodation at Gotland’s student union Rindi’s own housing office, at www.gotlandsstudentbostad.se, under the Private Landlords tab you will find sublets which may be anything from a room in an apartment, a self-contained apartment, bungalow or villa. The site displays available properties and is updated continuously.

Under the Housing Companies tab, where you find GotlandsHem amongst other housing companies you will find contact and other information for the island’s housing companies that offer student accommodation. Contact the housing company or private landlord about available accommodation that you are interested in renting and sign a lease. The site is also packed with tips for your move to the island. You can also have a look at the attached file with more detailed information about how you can find accommodation here on Gotland.


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