Salixvägen is situated in Lilla Sunnersta about 6 km south of the city center close to the lake Mälaren. On Salixvägen in Lilla Sunnersta we have 12 apartments for guest researchers built in 2005. These apartments are 3 room apartments of 48 sqm with 2 bedrooms, a private bathroom and open plan kitchen and living room.

The apartments are furnished with 2-3 beds and mattress, including pillow and quilt, a desk with chair and lamp, curtains, 2 chairs, floor lamps, ceiling lamp, armchair, drawers, table, book shelf and notice board. The kitchen is equippend with microwave and basic kitchen utensils for 4-6 people.

Monthly rent from SEK 8 950, furnished for 2-3 persons.

Furnishing, electricity, water, heating and internet is incuded in the rent.



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Pictures of apartments at Salixvägen

Omr†desbild Salixv„gen



Lilla Sunnersta Studentroom (bed)1

More information

Your landlord is Uppsala University Housing Office and the house owner is Uppsala Akademiförvaltning

Reporting problems
Please check here whom to contact if you have problems in the apartment

Reporting problems

Internet Connection
The house owner has recently installed a new internet source in Lilla Sunnersta. There is no wifi in the apartments, you have to connect with a cable to the wall socket. Please note that only one of the sockets in the wall will give you access to the internet connection included in the rent.

Laundry facilities are located in a separate house. You book a time slot for laudry on the booking boards outside each laundry.

Garbage room is situated by house 7. Waste in Uppsala must be sorted in categories – glass, metal, newspaper, cardboard, plastics, organic or combustible waste.

Community room and other common facilities
In Lilla Sunnersta there is a union for tenants called Lilla Sunnersta Boendeförening ( You can contact them if you have questions about common Resources. There is a Community room in house 10 that you can book and use for dinners, parties or other activities. You can contact Lilla Sunnersta Boendeförening if you would like to book it.

There is a large parking lot at the entrance to the area. You can purchase tickets in the vending machine on sight.

Closest supermarket
ICA at Gottsunda centrum, a 10-15 min walk or bus 11 to Gottsunda centrum

Bus connections
Bus number 20 (towards Graneberg) from bus stop Centralstationen (A1) or Slotts­backen to bus stop Holmvägen. Bus number 12 (towards Gottsunda) from bus stop Centralstationen (B3) to bus stop Heimdalsvägen. Bus number 111 (towards Sun­nersta) from bus stop Centralstationen (B3) or Bäverns gränd to bus stop Heimdalsvägen. Bus number 3 (towards Östra Gottsunda from Centralstationen (B3) or Bäverns gränd to bus stop Cellovägen.

The tenant is responsible for having an appropriate home insurance.