The building on Norbyvägen 20 was converted into apartments in 2013/2014. At Norbyvägen we offer 46 brand new apartments for guest researchers in a very good location within the campus, near Blåsenhus and the Evolutionary Biology Centre (EBC). This buildning is also called “Lagerkransen”. All apartments have brand new furnishings, modern kitchens and bathrooms and are equipped with microwave, broadband and plenty of storage space. Furnishings are comfortable with a modern design.

There are 3 types of apartments:

  • 29 small studio apartment of 25-36 sqm with combined kitchen, living room and bed room, furnished for 1 person.
  • 10 large studio apartments of 41-51 sqm with combined kitchen, living room and alcove, furnished for 2 persons.
  • 7 two room apartments of 38-54 sqm with combined kitchen and living room and a separate bed room, furnished for 2 persons.

Monthly rent for small studio apartments from SEK 6 150
Monthly rent for large studio apartment from SEK 7 700
Monthly rent for two room apartment from SEK 8 600
Furnishings, heating, water, electricity and internet is included in the rent.

Due to the economic situation in Sweden today with raised expenses for house owners, tenants will most likely have to face higher than usual rent increases during 2023. We will inform all our tenants as soon as rents have been negotiated.


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Pictures of apartments at Norbyvägen 20

More information

Your landlord in Uppsala University Housing Office and the house owner is Uppsala Akademiförvaltning.

All apartments have wifi.

Laundry rooms are located in the basement. You book the laundry on the screen in the lobby.

Storage rooms
Each apartment has a minimum of 3 wardrobes and a small storage in the basement.

Most of the garbage can be thrown in the garbage disposals behind the building. Waste in Uppsala must be sorted in categories – glass, metal, newspaper, cardboard, plastics, organic or combustible waste.

There is a public parking area at Norbyvägen 20. Contact for more information.

The tenant is responsible for having an appropriate home insurance.

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