Eklundshovsvägen is situated 2 km from the city centre. Nearby is the also the Fyris river and the City park. You can walk along the river to the city centre in 15 minutes.The buildings on Eklundshovsvägen 4 were built in 2006 and are surrounded by parks and trees.

About the Room

On Eklundshovsvägen we have 56 single rooms between 20 and 31 square metres in size. Each room includes private bathroom (shower and WC) and kitchenette.

The rooms are furnished with a bed and mattress (pillow and quilt are not included), closet, a desk with desk lamp, bookshelf and chair.

The rent for a room at Eklundshovsvägen varies between 5257 – 7003 SEK/month depending of room size (autumn semester 2023). The monthly rent includes electricity, water and heating.  Internet is provided. There is no wifi, you connect via a net cable to the wall outlet.

You are expected to pay SEK 2500 deposit before arrival.

You can find an interview with one of our tenants at Eklundshofsvägen here. Please note that some information in this folder may be outdated.

Note: Pictures are examples of rooms, variations may occur.

More Information

…supermarket: Willys, Kungsgatan 95 or ICA Hörnan, Artillerigatan
…campus: Centre for Informational Technology (MIC), Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala Biomedical Centre
…student nation: Östgöta nation, Gästrike-Hälsinge (GH) nation, Västgöta nation
…bus stop: “Polacksbacken” (plan your trip on www.ul.se)

Housing Guide

Arrival Information


Landlord/House owner

Landlord: Uppsala University Housing Office
Contact information

Any questions or requests concerning your contract should be directed to the housing office.

House owner: Rikshem AB
Phone: +46- (0)10-70 99 200
E-mail: info.uppsala@rikshem.se
Web: www.rikshem.se
Office address: Storgatan 25
Any problems concerning electricity, plumbing, heating or similar in your room or in common areas should be reported to Rikshem. See Maintenance and Service.