Uppsala University Housing Office is a service for visitors to Uppsala University.

We provide housing by appointment to Uppsala University and our housing facilities are available to international University visitors only. This is a non-profit assignment and our aim is to to give value for money and offer varying sizes and locations that will suit as many as possible.

Uppsala University Housing Office is administrated by Akademihotellet AB.

Here are the facts:

Uppsala University Housing Office is administraded by Akademihotellet AB by appoitment to Uppsala University. Akademihotellet AB has an agreement with the University which states that Fee Paying Master Students should be guaranteed housing offer for two years and that Exchange Students and Guest Researchers shall be offered housing for limited periods.

Uppsala University Housing Office is located at Kungsgatan 27.

Akademihotellet AB also operates a regular hotel separate from UUHO. Akademihotellet is a small, centrally located hotel, open for everyone who needs a bed for the night and a nice breakfast. You are most welcome to contact the hotel if you are interested in our rooms. Conference rooms are also available.


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