We expect you to take good care of the room and all furniture and equipment in it. There are some general rules and regulations while staying in our student accommodations. Please see below.


  • Smoking is strictly forbidden in all accommodation areas, inside the private rooms/apartments as well as in all common areas and stairwells. Smoking through the window or under the kitchen fan is strictly forbidden.
  • The tenant does not have the right to a reduction in rent for time during which his/her landlord has work done to the room or common areas, or in connection with the extermination of pests.
  • The tenant may not utilize the room for other purposes than dwelling.
  • The tenant may not house other individuals in the room.
  • The tenant may not keep pets in the room.
  • It is strictly forbidden to sublet the room to another tenant.
  • The tenant undertakes to take good care of the room and its furnishings.
  • It is the tenants responsibility to Clean the Drains regularily and to immediately stop using the shower or sink if the drain is blocked.
  • The tenant pledges to take good care of the lodgings and the common areas and to observe tidiness and respect for neighbors’ need for comfort and a quiet place to study.
  • Loud music and noise after 10 PM is not accepted.
  • You must book a time in the laundry room before you can use it. Make sure to leave on time and bring your belongings. Clean the floor, the machinery and clean the filters.
  • Follow the rules for the disposal of garbage for your area and leave your garbage in the respective containers.
  • A lost room key must immediately be reported to the Housing Office. The cost for changing the lock and new keys will be charged to the tenant. All copying of keys to the rooms is strictly forbidden.
  • All problems concerning plumbing, heating, electricity, or other installations in the house should be reported directly by the tenant to the house owner’s service staff.
  • The tenant is liable to cover the costs for repairs of damages in the room caused by accident, neglect or on purpose. It is not allowed to put up posters or other things that may damage walls or other surfaces.
  • The tenant is responsible for thoroughly cleaning the room (and his/her part of common areas) before leaving the room.
  • The tenant is responsible  for the furniture and must make sure that all items are in the room when checking out.
  • The keys to your room must be returned to the correct place on the termination day of your rental agreement.


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