Rents in Sweden are paid on a monthly basis and in advance. For example: The September rent must be paid at the latest on the 31st of August. Rent invoices will be sent to your stated e-mail address.

We always charge full calendar months (from the first to the last in a month = calendar month).

You are liable to pay rent for the rental period stated in your rental agreement regardless of when you arrive or depart.

How to Pay

The payment procedure works like this:

  1. Every month you will receive an e-mail from Uppsala University Housing Office with your rental specification and a web link.
  2. The link transfers you to a secure website, where you will make your payment by VISA or Mastercard.
  3. The money will automatically be withdrawn from your account and transferred to our account.

NOTE: We only accept VISA and Master Card payments, so please make sure that you have a VISA or Master Card before you arrive in Uppsala.


Alternative payment methods

Cash or other Credit cards
You can not pay your rent in cash or with card at Uppsala University Housing Office.

If you wish to pay your rental invoices in cash or with a credit card, you can do this in several small stores/supermarkets in town (see list below). For this service they charge a small fee. Bring your rental specification and our account information when consulting their services. We do not use OCR numbers but instead you should use the invoice number to identify the payment.

Examples of stores where you can pay your rent with cash or credit card:

Forex Bank* Kungsgatan 59
* Forex Bank does not accept American Express or credit cards without a pin code.
 Svea Exchange   Dragarbrunnsgatan 33


Internet payment
We recommend that you contact a bank to apply for a Swedish internet bank account, which makes it easy for you to pay the rental invoice online that you will receive by e-mail. In order to open a bank account some banks may require you to have a so-called civil registration number (personnummer). Bring (to the bank) your passport and your letter of admission to Uppsala University.

International Transfer
If you prefer to use your bank account from home you can make an international transfer. Conditions for transferring money from foreign banks vary, so you should inquire about this at your bank to avoid unnecessary extra costs.

Payment details

Please make sure that your invoice number always goes together with your payment.

Bankgiro 5760-4357


Receiver of payment:

Akademihotellet AB

Uppsala University Housing Office

Övre Slottsgatan 5 / Kungsgatan 27,

SE-75310 / SE-75321 UPPSALA, Sweden

Tel. 018-490 51 00

Momsregnr SE556691621801


Bank: Handelsbanken

Bank Address: SE-106 70 Stockholm, Sweden

IBAN:SE55 6000 0000 0009 9261 4228


Unpaid Rents

You will receive invoice reminders when you have unpaid rents, and extra fees will be put on it, depending on how late you are with your payment.

All debts and unpaid rents will be reported to your department and coordinator. Your home university may also be contacted by Uppsala University.

Cancelled Contracts

If you have cancelled your contract, rent must be paid for the whole cancellation period of two calendar months.


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