We offer accommodation to all Fee Paying Master Students at Uppsala University from non EU/EES-countries, who must pay tuition fee for their studies at Universities in Sweden.  Rooms may only be booked through your coordinator at the International Office (Uppsala University). Fee Paying Master Students will be allocated a student room or a studio, subject to the deadline of the submission of application.

Fee Paying Master Students are guaranteed to receive one housing offer for a maximum of 22 months. The guarantee only extends to students who send in their application for housing within the application period. The guarantee is for one accommodation offer and if you choose to decline the offer or terminate the agreement earlier you are not guaranteed a new offer or an extension at a later date if you change your mind.

Find more information about the accommodation areas offered to master students under Accommodation.

How to apply

You apply online, via an application form. You will receive a link to the application from Uppsala University in good time before the application period opens.

The application form for autumn 2021 is open from May 15 until May 31, 2021 and is only available for those given access by their coordinator at Uppsala University.

Read more about applying here

Other Master Students

Non Paying EU/EES Master Students will need to arrange housing by themselves. Unfortunately, the University does not have a mandate to provide these students with housing.

For those students who aren’t eligible to apply for accommodation at Uppsala University Housing Office we recommend visiting Studentboet for more information about other housing options in Uppsala. The website is administered by the Student Union and contains information regarding various housing companies in the Uppsala region. There is also an advertisement part, where private citizens are renting out rooms and apartments. Students can also advertise for rooms or apartments to sublet.

The housing market in Uppsala is highly regulated. Many housing companies require you to register with them and they allocate apartments on the basis of how long you have been waiting – that is, how many “queue days” (swe: ködagar) you have. You should not underestimate how much time and effort it will take you to secure housing. During the beginning of the semester it can even be difficult to find a hostel room.

Your first step should always be to contact your department. Some departments have their own contacts or even their own rooms that they can assist with. You should however note that many departments do not have any experience with housing questions and you should not rely on them to provide you with housing.


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