Uppsala University Housing Office handles accommodation for Formal Exchange Students, Fee Paying Master Students (Non EU/EES), Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Holders, Guest Researchers and PhD students at Uppsala University. The application process differs depending on which category you belong to and Fee Paying Master Students is the only category that is guaranteed a housing offer.

Who can apply?

  • Formal Exchange Students coming from a home university that Uppsala University has an exchange agreement with. Formal Exchange Students are admitted from the nominations submitted by the home university.
  • Non EU/EES Fee Paying Master Students and Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Holders at Uppsala University.
  • Guest Researchers at Uppsala University, including PhD students.

How do you apply?

For more information on how to apply please check the different categories below.

How long can you stay?

The maximum length of your stay is depending on what category you belong to.

  • If you are a Formal Exchange Student your contract period is based on the duration of your exchange. Maximum contract period is 1 year.
  • If you are a Fee Paying Master Student your maximum contract period is 22 months.
  • If you are an International Guest Researcher or a PhD with an assignment at Uppsala University your maximum contract period is 2 years.

It is the total occupation time that counts.

Please note that accommodation is not guaranteed for guest researchers and only offered if an apartment is available. 

Please note that sometimes accommodation is only offered for shorter periods due to limited availability. Short period rental agreements (last minute, short term offers during ongoing semester etc) cannot be extended.

  • Exchange students

    We offer accommodation to Formal Exchange Students at Uppsala University.

  • Master students

    We offer accommodation to all Fee Paying Master Students at Uppsala University from non EU/EES-countries, who must pay tuition fee for their studies at Universities in Sweden.

  • Guest researchers

    We offer apartments to Guest Researchers, Staff, PhD and other international guests with an assignment at Uppsala University.