Södermanland-Nerikes Nation, also called Snerikes nation, is a student society. Via Snerikes student nation Uppsala University Housing Office has seven rooms, located in different parts of Uppsala, reserved only for fee paying Master students. Because of the small number of rooms, the chance of getting a room at Snerikes Nation is quite small compared with other housing areas.

The rooms at Snerikes are in small corridors shared by 3-9 students.You have to become a member of Snerikes nation in order to stay in these accommodations. You can join the nation after your arrival in Uppsala by visiting the nation.

Read more about Swedish student corridor living here.

About the Rooms

All rooms are fully furnished with bed and mattress (including pillow and quilt), curtains, desk, chair, armchair, cupboard, sideboard, reading lamp and table lamp.

The monthly rent ranges from approx. 3300-3900 SEK/month (autumn 2022) and includes electricity, water, heating and internet. There is no wifi, you connect via a net cable to the wall outlet.

Krongatan 6A: Two rooms of 13 square meters each. The rooms are in so called ”triplets” i.e. each share facilities with two other rooms.

Karlsrogatan 13: One corridor room of 17 square meters, with private hallway and bathroom. Kitchen is shared with four other rooms.

Karlsrogatan 15: Two corridor rooms of 17 square meters each, with private hallway and bathroom. Kitchen is shared with eight other rooms.

Rundelsgränd 1: One corridor room. Kitchen and bathroom is shared with two other tenants.

S:t Larsgatan 6B: One corridor room of 17 square meters with private hallway and bathroom. Kitchen is shared with eight other rooms.

NOTE: If you apply for the rooms at Snerikes Nation through Uppsala University Housing Office you will sign a contract with UUHO, not with Snerikes nation.

More Information

…supermarket: ICA Luthagens Livs, located at Sysslomansgatan or ICA Folkes Livs on St Johannesgatan/Rackarbergsgatan
…campus: Centre for Economic Studies, English Park Campus, Old Forum
…student nation: Snerikes nation, Smålands nation, Göteborgs nation

Landlord/House owner

Landlord: Uppsala University Housing Office
Contact information

Any questions or requests concerning your contract should be directed to the housing office. Housing Office manages the keys to these rooms/apartments.

House owner: Snerikes Bostäder
Phone: +46- (0)18-52 30 01
E-mail: bostad@snerikebostader.se
Office address: Rundels gränd 3B
Any problems concering your room or common areas should be reported to Snerikes bostäder. SeeMaintenance and Service“.


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