Kantorsgatan is part of a large student area situated 2 kilometers for the city center. The houses in Kantorsgatan were built in 1968 and renovated in 2002 additionally a few of the houses are renovated into modern apartments 2017-2019. Around Kantorsgatan there are many green areas and parks.

IMPORTANT: The house owner, Rikshem, is currently doing construction work at Kantorsgatan. There may be some disturbances in the area due to this work.

About the Room

On Kantorsgatan we have 131 student rooms, each of 18-19 square meters. We have three different types of rooms on Kantorsgatan:

    • On Kantorsgatan 18, and 52-56 the rooms have private bathroom (WC and bathtub). The kitchen is shared between the five tenants of the corridor.
    • On Kantorsgatan 28-36, and 46-54 we have rooms in “miniature corridors” where only two tenants share bathroom and kitchen (note: there are both miniature corridors and regular corridors on Kantorsgatan 52 and 54).
    • Rooms on Kantorsgatan 12 and 20-26 are newly renovated private one-room apartments with bathroom and complete kitchen. No facilities are shared with other tenants. If you are interested in renting one of these private apartments please send a request by e-mail to info@housingoffice.se when you have completed your formal housing application to let us know your preference.

Cleaning of common areas such as kitchen is the joint responsibility of the students in a corridor. Read more about Swedish student corridor living here.

The rooms are furnished with basic furniture such as a bed and mattress (no pillow or quilt is included), lamp, desk/table, chair, pedestal of drawers or book cupboard.

The monthly rent ranges from approx. 4300-4500 SEK/month in corridor rooms and approx. 5700-6600 SEK/month for the private rooms (autumn 2021). Rent includes electricity, water and heating. Internet is provided by an external supplier. There is wifi in the miniature corridors but in all other rooms you connect via a net cable to the wall outlet.

You can find an interview with one of our tenants at Kantorsgatan here.

Pictures of the corridor rooms

NOTE: Pictures are examples, variations may occur.

Pictures of a renovated private one-room apartment

More Information

ICA Samköp, which is located beside the bus stop Heidemstams­torg, one bus stop further on from Kantorsgatan.
…campus: Centre for Economic Studies, Old Forum
…student nation: Gotlands nation, V-Dala nation
…bus stop: “Kantorsgatan” (plan your trip on www.ul.se)

Housing Guide

Arrival Information


Visa större karta

Landlord/House owner

Landlord: Uppsala University Housing Office
Contact information

Any questions about your contract should be directed to UUHO.

House owner: Rikshem AB
Phone: +46- (0)10-70 99 200
E-mail: info.uppsala@rikshem.se
Web: www.rikshem.se
Office address: Storgatan 25
Any problems concerning electricity, plumbing, heating or similar in your room or in common areas should be reported to Rikshem. See Maintenance and Service.

Rikshem and Lås- & Säkerhetscenter manages the keys for this area.


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