Sweden has a climate that varies quite a lot over the year. Winters can be snowy and cold for long periods and summers can be warm and sunny. This is why we have outdoor activities that vary with the seasons.

Autumn in Uppsala can be warm and sunny, but rainy periods will also come. Walking around town in the nearby surroudings is recommended.

Hågadalen is a nature reservation south west of town where the famous Linnaeus took his students.

Gamla Uppsala (Old Uppsala) is the area noth east of town that whas the original town more than a thousand years ago. This is a perfect goal for a sunday stroll and you can see th three famous moulds where ancients kings were buried.

Winter – if it is cold and snowy – is the time for skating and skeeing. You can rent a pair of skates in Fjällnora and go skating on the frozen lake.

Spring and summer is the time when all swedes come out after the long cold and dark period the enjoy the sun. We go walking along the river Fyris and we can go outdoor swimming in Fjällnora or lake Mälaren.


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