Sernanders väg is a large student residential area in Flogsta which is situated 3 km west of the city center. Flogsta is also close to nature areas. The large apartment buildings were built during the late 1960s and renovated in the 1990s.

About the Room

On Sernanders väg we have 453 student rooms in corridors. Each room is 19 square meters and includes private bathroom (shower and WC). Each corridor has one kitchen, shared on 12 people, whom are mostly Swedish. Cleaning of the common areas is the tenants’ responsibility.

The rooms are furnished with a bed and mattress (no pillow or quilt is included), floor lamp, a desk with chair and lamp, pedestal of drawers or book cupboard, bookshelf, armchair, ceiling lamp, curtain rod and fixtures.

The monthly rent is approx. SEK 4000 and includes electricity, water and heating. Internet is provided by an external supplier.

Other Facilities

Laundry room: In the basement of several buildings.

Garbage room: Garbage room on the ground floor.  Waste in Uppsala must be sorted in categories – glass, metal, newspaper, cardboard, plastics, organic or combustible waste.

More Information

…supermarket: ICA Väst, just beside bus stop Flogsta Centrum.
…campus: Centre for Evolutionary Biology, Geo Centre, English Park Campus
…student nation: Kalmar nation, V-Dala nation, Göteborgs nation

Bus connections
Bus number 2 (towards Flogsta) or 5 (towards Stenhagenskolan). The closest bus stops in Flogsta for num­ber 2 are called Sernanders väg or Flogsta Centrum and the closest bus stop in Flogsta for number 5 is called Flogsta Centrum. The closest bus stop in the town center for number 2 is Stadshuset (G) located beside the cros­sing of Vaksalagatan and Kungsgatan. The closest bus stop in the town center for number 5 is Centralstationen (A1).

Housing Guide

Arrival information


Visa större karta

Landlord/House owner

Landlord: Uppsala University Housing Office
Contact information

Any questions or requests concerning your contract should be directed to UUHO.


House owner: Heimstaden
Phone: +46- (0)770-111 050
Office address: Sernanders väg 10
Opening hours: Mon-Thu 13.00-16.00.

Any problems concerning your room or common areas should be reported to Heimstaden. See Maintenance and Service.

Heimstaden manages the keys for this area.


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